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What is iPRO FUSION?

iPRO FUSION is the First Ultimate Marketing Machine & Training Platform Exclusively for iPRO Premium.

It's a Cutting-edge duplication system that's designed to allow you to build your iPRO business simultaneously and create multiple streams of a life-long residual income from weekly and monthly commissions very quickly;

By using our system to leverage the compensation plans of the world’s leading company in the industry, you are able to start making money immediately.

iPRO FUSION is a very simple but powerful Marketing System. Working with experienced company is vital to your success and with iPRO FUSION your results are assured, provided you follow the simple system.

iPRO FUSION System assists you to effortlessly refer your affiliates to generate sales with iPRO, while at the same time building your team. Build your customer base once and you’re done. You receive commissions from iPRO once per week/month - for life!

With iPRO FUSION you can add thousands of dollars to your regular monthly income! By using the simple 3-step system, that anyone can follow, you can make enough money so that your next 10 years and beyond will absolutely rock! This really is the easiest system on the planet and the best part is that the system is absolutely automated.

Experts predict that iPRO will be the BIGGEST MLM Company the industry ever witnessed, with about 15 years of track record.

Our Leaders

Ash Mufareh
CEO and Founder, California - United States
Danny Sanchez
Executive Leader, Florida - United States
Svend Rasmussen
Global Leader and Master Affiliate, Denmark
Graça Luisa
Regional Leader, Portugal
Everton Thomas
Regional Leader, Jamaica
Nora Preston
Regional Leader, Florida- United States
Lelio Farias
Regional Leader, Brazil

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Award Winning Features

Online Contact Manager

Track and manage your entire business from any computer, smart phone or mobile device. View your hottest prospect's activities at-a-glance. Follow-up tasks and to-dos are always right at your fingertips!

Multiple High-Converting Landing Pages

Professionally Custom Designed capture pages to convert quality leads into iPRO Fusion Active Members.

Presentation Sites

Professionally designed presentation sites and videos, to provide important details about your iPRO Fusion opportunities.

Be a Team Leader

Show case your opportunities, content, training, email campaigns and more to your entire network. This works perfectly for teams from a certain country or a specific language. Here we come, Portugal, South Africa, Greece, United Kingdom, Brazil, Aussies, Kiwis and more...

Phone Dialer

Dial phones, leave messages, send follow-up emails, and maintain perfect contact notes with one mouse click!

Custom Lead Capture Web Forms

Create lead capture forms to put on any web page like blogs, social networking sites with cut-and-paste ease, your exposure becomes limitless.

High-Impact Movies

Present your opportunities 24/7 with compelling videos.

Activity Tracker and Instant Alert

Track all your prospects and members activities through the entire sales cycle. Receive instant text messages or emails when prospects complete certain activities, such as visit or revisit your site, watch a video and more. Alerts help you focus on your best prospects and members.

Unlimited Email Autoresponders

Countless Professionally written autoresponders deliver the right information at just the right time to engage, educate, and create new business for you automatically.

Easy Email Broadcasting

Keep up communications with your prospects, members, and team easily. Send any message, any time, to any individual or group either real-time, or for future delivery.

All Responsive /Mobile Friendly

From any mobile device easily manage contacts on-the-go! Get push alerts for recent activity, etc. Keeps your business at your fingertips and where you go anytime around the clock.

Online Appointment Calendar

Never miss a follow-up, meeting, or anything! Group events are automatically added by your team’s leader too!

Import Leads & Contacts

Import existing leads, prospects, members and contacts from your address book or from a data file. No other system will allow you to do this.

Web, Email, and Visitor Traffic Reporting

All the information you need with one or two clicks – monitor traffic, visitors, video watchers, email openers, clickers, plus conversions and scoreboard as well as any contact’s entire history.

Video Training and User Guide

Intuitive and familiar system offers convenient video hints and trainings right on the page and complete user guide with lots of downloadable media and marketing materials.

Drag and Drop Editor

Easily create any webpage or complete funnel under 60 seconds just drag, drop and publish. Simply Click, Click, Click...in seconds you can have capture pages, video squeeze pages, sales pages, webinars pages, etc etc.. Easiest editor ever, you can become a PRO today, so it can be addictive..

Personalized WordPress Blog

Touch less, all done for you instantly, created and live WP blog unique to you, publish and share all the way, speaking of content creation and branding, we've got you covered.

Live Chat

Actually “see” the visitors who are on your site and communicate with them in real-time!

Video Email

Embed cool videos right into your email, making them magnetic and impossible to resist

Evergreen Webinar , Auto-webinar on demand

Create and publish unlimited pre-recorded webinars, as your prospects can register and attend in their date, time (time zone) , to join your iPRO Fusion without you ever being there.

"We worked so hard for so long to ensure your success with simplicity! Of course we did it all for you!"

- Ash Mufareh

Experience the First Ever Created Ultimate Marketing Machine to Maximize your Online Business!

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High Impact

Landing Pages & Marketing Site

Nothing helps you generate your own no cost leads like capture pages. Choose from our cutting-edge designs and effortlessly pull interested prospects into your sales funnel. And our custom-designed marketing site helps to impress and further qualify your prospects.

Viewable in all devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and other type of devices.

Are you ready to take your online
business to the next level?

Fact # 1: iPRO FUSION, MOST COMPLETE INCOME SYSTEM - NEW Age Marketing Technology It's CUTTING-EDGE duplication system was designed to allow you to build YOUR income opportunities simultaneously, and create MULTIPLE STREAMS of Life-Long Residual AND Passive Income IMMEDIATELY!
Fact # 2: Anyone can make money online, they just need the right Tools, Guidance, and System to make it happen! AND, Now, finally: iPRO Fusion provides you with all-inclusive Marketing Tools, Trainings, and Support at your fingertips.

"The Science of Recruiting Is Our Major. The Art Of Making Money While Helping Others Profit On The Web Is Our Field. Our System Will Duplicate Your Team And Multiply Your Income."
Fact # 3: We've helped thousands of people from all walks and we are doing it again but Bigger and Better! We have removed all the obstacles to succeed with iPRO Fusion! Our universal solution is truly global and scalable. It will, quite simply, change the way you build your online opportunities.

Get ready to experience the difference for yourself with iPRO Fusion.


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The NEW REVOLUTIONIZED iPRO FUSION was developed with everyday people in mind. So the steps are easy as 1, 2, 3. The support is everywhere. And the tools are easy to use.

"The ultimate goal is to maximize your income for life with iPRO Fusion doing the same simplified work once and get paid forever, using our new age technology system and monetizing your organization."
Do not miss out on your chance to position yourself at the front of this tremendous growth opportunity with this new and innovative system. iPro Fusion’s remarkably powerful robotic system is the ONLY tool you need to start cashing in NOW!

Real People... Real Support... Real Results..
iPRO FUSION is a team environment where you have the independence and flexibility of being your own boss, while you have full access to the Training and Mentoring you need for success.

Ordinary people are making extra-ordinary incomes with iPRO Fusion, all over the world. For the very FIRST time, you don't need to be a computer genius or marketing guru to make money online.

Plug in and start building opportunities that CAN really change YOUR life for the better!

"The best way to get something done is to begin."

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How It Works in Four Easy Steps

Generate a Steady Flow of High Quality Prospects

Magnetically attract an unending stream of prospects – even when you’re sleeping! Save hours of time and easily identify your winners using our proven marketing strategies and techniques.

Professionally Present Your Opportunities 24/7

Both newbies and pros benefit when the “system does the selling.” Use this perfectly designed “sales funnel” to systematically create prospect interest, answer questions, and overcome common objections. Such a great leverage to your time and effort!

Automatic Follow-Up with Proven Results

Your system works around-the-clock to deliver media-rich emails, videos, and compelling information that engages, educates, invites to live webinars plus all kinds of presentations and it will ultimately convert your prospects. Instant alerts let you know when contacts are hot and ready to become team members and win with us!


Accelerate your team’s success with our plug-in system. New people can duplicate results faster and easier than ever before. Grow your opportunities quicker and stronger with a proven system. We know Duplication and Leverage are vital to your online success!

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